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Chanting Counter SPC-07

Chanting Counter SPC-07

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Tally counter is handy for Jaap, Mantra and prayer. It helps track repetitions accurately and maintains focus during devotional practices

  1. Jaap: Keep track of the number of repetitions during Jaap (repeated chanting of a mantra or divine name). With its easy-to-read display and automatic shutdown feature, the  tally counter ensures accurate counting without distractions, allowing for focused devotion.

  2. Prayer: During prayers, especially those involving repeated recitations or prostrations, tally counter simplifies the process by accurately counting each repetition. Its lightweight design and adjustable strap make it convenient to hold, enabling devotees to maintain concentration on their prayers.

Counts from 0 up to 99,999. Made of high-impact plastic casing for durability, lightweight, and easy-to-read LCD display. Recommended for fast count operation (1 to 120 per minute). 

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